Mr. Jeff Bridges.


Mr. Jeff Bridges.

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Helped shae with his easter egg decoration competition

Helped shae with his easter egg decoration competition

Since the accident.

I was hit by a car late January. No major damage or hospital time thankfully. It has however left me in a lot of pain I’m trying to get past this at the moment in order to stop myself from stiffening up.

The major side affects aside from the pain has been the weight gain. With a mixture of pain killers and sedatives, comfort eating and lack of movement I have gained most of the weight I lost last year back.

This has made me uncomfortable in my own skin and anxious about being seen. I started last week along with a serious amount of effort to rehabilitate my muscles which are still causing me a lot of pain. I started a new diet program that will later be followed with an excersis program. Once the word excersis doesn’t mean a 20 minute walk and shoulder rolls.

I’m hoping that with the right determination I can get my body back to how it was before the accident as minium. So I can start enjoying the things I like to do again. The reason I’m only blogging about this now is because I feel like the accomplishments I will make in recovery will pale in comparison to the accomplishments I made physically last year. I hate that I have to start from scratch .

Watching rug rats movie with my little lady. :-)

Watching rug rats movie with my little lady. :-)


And yet the guy in blue stripes is ready to fight with no fear in his eyes

Hope he isn’t ready to fight he will break his thumb

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A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.


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Scott Pilgrim’s actors


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